Vote Different


It turns out that there are 12 “electoral modernisation pilots”. Sorry for the crappy image linked to a PDF. Getting this table from NeoOffice to my blog was unreasonably annoying.

Advance is a scheme where voters can vote up to 2 weeks (generally) before the election. In all these schemes a signature will be required before advance voting.

Signature is a scheme where all voters (not just advance voters) will be required to provide a signature before voting.

Scanning means that votes will be counted by electronic scanning machines. Y denotes a scheme using “commerically available” scanning hardware. X presumably denotes a scheme using scanning hardware custom-built by the Mayor’s nephew in his shed.

Internet denotes a scheme of advance voting using the internet.

Telephone denotes a scheme of advance voting using the telephone.

Central denotes the provision of a centrally provided facility (or facilities) at which voters can vote regardless of their ward or parish.

That single table is about the same amount of information in this 5 page PDF from the DCA found on this page. Is the DCA’s performance measured in Kilogrammes or something?

One Response to “Vote Different”

  1. drj11 Says:

    Apparently the electronic countring trialled by 5 councils failed and they had to do a manual count. Out of 5.

    If only I had actually written a piece dismissively predicting the failure of electronic counting without actually having investigated the matter in detail. I would be so gloating now.

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