Awesome Keyboard Power: «»


I just discovered that on my MacBook I can get left- and right-pointing double angle quotation mark by pressing Alt-\ and Shift-Alt-\. Yay! Them’s the Unicode names for what my copy of ECMA-94 calls «LEFT ANGLE QUOTATION MARK» and «RIGHT ANGLE QUOTATION MARK».

The only pair of balanced quotation marks in ISO 8859-1. Accept no substitute.

Up till now I’ve been using Character Palette to input them (they’re on my favourite characters) which is tedious. I can’t help feeling that I would’ve discovered the keyboard shortcut earlier if Character Pallete had said “Alt-\” right next to where it pointlessly says «UTF8: C2 AB».

One Response to “Awesome Keyboard Power: «»”

  1. PhiLho Says:

    Cool. This is useful for French people as there are the official typographical quotes we should use (MS Word automatically transcript ” to « and » by pairs, with their inside unbreakable spaces).

    Alas, Windows doesn’t have such nice shortcuts.
    Fortunately, I use a good flexible keyboard macro software: AutoHotkey, and I programmed a number of shortcuts to have accented capitals, these quotes, LATIN SMALL/CAPITAL LETTER AE and LATIN SMALL/CAPITAL LIGATURE OE, etc. Using a CapsLock + char sequence: at least the CapsLock key is now useful!

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