4 Responses to “Curly Logo and The Dragon”

  1. Nick Barnes Says:

    1. Please add timings to the Gallery, so that (e.g.) we can gauge whether to put the kettle on for ‘ldragon 2 13’.
    2. Is it worth getting involved in the JavaScript implementation world? I bet this language could go a lot faster.
    3. What happened to % ?
    4. would Curly Logo be better if the turtle coordinate system had its origin in the centre of a screen pixel?
    5. Should the dragon functions divide ‘size’ by 2 when recursing (so ldragon 128 7 is ‘about the same size as’ ldragon 128 2) ? Or maybe sqrt(2) ?
    6. What else is new? Can I quote yet?

  2. Nick Barnes Says:

    7. I would prefer s/100/57.3/ for the sin/cos graphs.

  3. Nick Barnes Says:

    Some nice dragons.

  4. drj11 Says:

    7: Quite right (this occurred me just after I’d set the images in PNG and was too lazy to fix it). Done.

    3: I removed % because I considered it: a) a silly symbol; b) ambigous. Please use remainder instead. mod not yet implemented.

    4: Dunno. For some of the “pixel perfect” stuff, yes. But for general doodling a pen width of 2 looks better, and with that pen width it looks best if you start at a corner. Actually I just tried setpw 3 and starting on a pixel centre and that looks pretty good, I might go with that in future.

    5: Probably. It’s faster not to and it’s also what Abelson and diSessa do. The current dragon definitions are not “heading modular” either.

    6: Can you quote what? [1 2 3] is a quoted list and always has been, but, new, now you can test for membership with member?.

    Nice dragons: how amusing, someone else drawing fractals on their own obscure implementation of Logo!

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