My PyCon UK talks


My «Embedded Programming with Python» talk was the first Saturday morning slot, and really it was about manipulating hex-files and ‘scope dumps with Python:

Slides as PDF, 2.5e6 octets.

On Sunday Nick B gave a presentation of Clear Climate Code. I didn’t do much during the presentation; I was the OmniGraffle monkey. Here’s the presentation at the Clear Climate Code site.

2 Responses to “My PyCon UK talks”

  1. Gareth Rees Says:

    Presumably in slide 17 of the Clear Climate Code talk you’ve moved the GISS data up by about 0.1 °C to show that the time series are identical? I’m sure this was clear in the talk but it’s not immediately clear from the slide.

  2. drj11 Says:

    Yes, and Jim Hansen had exactly the same concern.

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