Code Monk’s Bonanza Give-Away!


I am moving. This induces a phase of decluttering. I am getting rid of a load of my vintage computer gear. Mostly 3 Beebs (including 1 Hybrid Music 5000 system), a SPARC, and a Commodore 64.

It occurs to me that readers of my blog are amongst the most likely people to want any of it.

I have tried to divide the stuff into sensible bundles, splitting things up will be a right pain. I haven’t quite decided what set of Beeb stuff to keep yet, and I’m trying a couple of other channels to get rid of stuff. Some things have been tested, but far from everything.

BBC Model B. Containing…
ATPL Sideways ROM RAM board containing…
Wordwise; graphics extension (Computer Concepts); AMPLE; INTERWORD;
2 (I think) sideways RAMs.
Wordwise Manual.
User Guide (worn, bit still hanging together).
Graphics extension ROM User Manual.
Music 4000 keyboard (and manual, and at least 1 disk).
Music 5000 synthesizer (and manual, including originally supplied ROM ID and passcode).
Viglen twin 5.25 inch disk drive unit, 40/80 switchable.
Hmm. This machine must have some sort of DFS installed. I didn’t look underneath the ATPL board.
[update 2008-10-28: the Music 5000/AMPLE stuff is now promised. If someone really wants me to split off the Model B, any other ROMS, the disk drive, or the UG then I suppose I could]

Twin Voltmace joysticks (2 joysticks joined into 1 analogue connector).

Beeb to Centronics printer cable. 2 off.
A Canon BJ-10ex printer.

DFS User Guide (I might want to keep this).

BBC Master 512
And what I guess is a complete set of disks for the 512 side of things:
Those 512 disks are originals. Discs 2, 3, 4 I seem to have a second original set of, and also a set of copies, for backup.
And various 512 related books:
“Master 512 Technical Guide”, Robin Burton; DABS. I only just discovered that this contains the schematic for the 80186 board. Shows how often I opened it.
“Master 512 User Guide”, Chris Snee; DABS. This is an aftermarket book, in particular it is not…
“Master 512 User Guide”, Acorn. This is the manual for GEM and DOS+ (I assume it came with the machine).
“The 512 Mouse Driver”, Tull Computer Services. I suspect I have the mouse (below). Disk listed above.
Mouse. With analogue connector. Says “ACORN P/N 0143210” on bottom. May or may not be the appropriate mouse for “The 512 Mouse Driver”, above.
GEM running on a Beeb has to be seen to be believed.
[2008-10-28: All the 512 stuff is now promised]

BBC Master 128. PAT certificate for 1992. Containing…
PCB 4.03 ROM. PCB Autoroute 1.04 ROM. And discs (copies) for these.
And various related Master books:
(Master) Reference Manual, Parts One and Two; Acorn.
(Master) Welcome Guide; Acorn.
“The New Advanced User Guide”, Dickens & Holmes. More appropriate than the AUG for the Master.
ViewSheet manual. The Masters come with ViewSheet in the builtin ROM.
View complete and boxed, except for the ROM (that is, the program itself). So no ROM, but what do you get? Vintage 80s box, “into view” introduction book, reference manual, 3 A4/3 reference cards, printer generator manual, disc, and printer generator software on cassette tape. The Masters come with View in the builtin ROM.
Master 128 Elite on disc (copy). It’s in colour, and quite cool.

BBC 6502 2nd Processor (the classic “Tube”). 2 off. [2008-10-31: now promised]
HIBASIC CERDIP EPROM. This is plugged into my Model B, but if you convince me to let go of both my 2nd pros (so I have no need of it) then you can have this too. You can’t have my DNFS.
6502 second processor user guide. 3 off. *sigh* yes, 1 more manual than I have 2nd processors.

BBC z80 2nd Processor (Acorn, not Watford).
An awesome set of manuals for the z80 stuff: “Z80 second processor user guide”, “z80 BBC BASIC user guide”, “CP/M 2.2 with GSX Graphics”, “Graph Plan”, “CIS COBOL language reference manual”, “CIS COBOL with ANIMATOR and FORMS-2 user guide”, “Accountant”, “Nucleus System Generator”, “File Plan”.
And what I assume is a complete set of z80 2nd pro disks. They are copies not originals and they are rather unhelpfully labelled “z80 2nd pro disc 1” through to “disc 7”. Also “system” and “basic” discs (which I suspect might be copies of discs 1 and 2). I think this set of discs includes a working copy of CP/M kermit that I downloaded from the internet and somehow coaxed onto a floppy.
[2008-10-28: z80 stuff is now promised]

Complete BCPL development system for the Beeb: ROM (real, plastic), 2 books, disks. [2008-10-28: now promised]
BCPL User Guide (the manual for the BCPL kit, but alone, without ROM or disks).
PHX 1 ROM. PHX was the communications ROM used in the Cambridge Computing Service User Area Beebs (mostly, but not exclusively, for talking to UK.AC.CAM.PHX). PHX 1 is the early crappy version.

Needs repair: Microvitec CUB monitor. 2 off. Both of them smoked when I plugged them in. *sigh*

DIN to DIN monitor cable for a Beeb. 3 Beebs, but only 1 monitor cable. Sorry.

“Illustrating Basic”, Alcock. Sadly, not Illustrating BBC Basic.
Ahkter Disk Drive User’s Manual.

Commodore 64, tape deck, some games.

SPARC station I. The “pizza box” original. Associated peripherals:
A couple of big fat SCSI cables and big fat SCSI drives (big, except in storage capacity). A good variety of connectors with strange pin configurations here, but there’s enough to connect all the disks to the SPARC, but I think the daisy-chaining order is constrained.
ISOLAN UTP II Transceiver (2 off), and one cable to connect to the SPARC station I AUI.


14 Responses to “Code Monk’s Bonanza Give-Away!”

  1. Clive Says:

    I can’t pretend I’d give them much use, but I have one of the world’s most complete collections of old Acorn kit; Master 512 and BCPL devkit are missing.

    So I’d like to take them if nobody’s got any use for them. Unfortunately, I can’t drive at the moment, so collecting would be difficult. How soon do you need rid of the stuff? )-8

  2. drj11 Says:

    @Clive: Master 512 and associated gubbins are yours, as is the BCPL devkit. I am in Cambridge next Tuesday and Wednesday (attending the Python meeting for one thing: ). I am driving so I should be able to deliver to most reasonable locations.

  3. drj11 Says:

    I am also selling my SNES on eBay. Oh don’t worry, I still have another one. Tetris Attack competitions all round!

  4. Nick Barnes Says:

    I am moving too, of course.
    I don’t see an AUG on that list; if you are getting rid of one I will gladly take it.

  5. drj11 Says:

    @NickB: Giving away an AUG… hahaha! No, I don’t have a spare one.

  6. Clive Says:

    I work at Logic House on Newmarket Road (CB5 8HA, between the church and the post office on the stretch from Elizabeth Way towards Coldham’s Lane). I could easily stash a BBC Master and some software there until I was in a position to take them home, if you were able to pop them round.


  7. Clive Says:

    Actually, I also have a friend who’d like the Music 4000, Music 5000 and Ample ROM. Could those reasonably be split from the rest of that computer? If not, I suspect he’d be willing to take the entire system, were you willing.

    Where are you based these days, anyway?

  8. drj11 Says:

    *sigh* what did I say about splitting? Your “friend” will have to take the whole lot. Unless somebody else comes along and really really wants a Model B. I think taking the whole lot is a good idea, it’s probably the best way to carry the ROMs; I have no extraction tool, no sponge, and no ROM carriers; there’s a good chance I would damage the legs extracting the ROM. Probably welded to the socket by now anyway.

    I suppose I could split the Viglen disk drive and the UG off, but I’d rather persuade your friend to take them if no-one else wants them. :)

  9. thb11 Says:

    Surprising as it may seem, in this case Clive actually does have a “friend”. Didn’t see the comment about not splitting, but I can take the whole package no problem, so long as Clive has somewhere to store it temporarily.

  10. David Warrington Says:

    May I make a request for the 2nd processors? And the Music 5000? These items are getting more and more rare as, sadly, many people lets them become landfill.

  11. Paul Jenkinson Says:

    I’m also interested in the 6502 copros


  12. Mark Says:


    I’d also be interested in the 6502 Co-Pros, as I’m sure many people are. If it helps, I can collect from Cambs, and will also take the 2 “smokey” CUBs from you as they’re always good for spares. If there’s any left overs that people don’t want, I can always find a good home for them too :-)

    Thanks, Mark.

  13. I’d very much like the manuals for the Z80 copro and cp/m. Are these still going?

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