My laptop bag


Just got back from a weekend on the farm (actually that was a few weekends ago, but I only just got round to cleaning up the article). Thought it might be fun to clear out my laptop bag. My laptop bag is my man-bag, it’s a portable version of my life. The bag is a fairly ordinary looking black affair made out of the hide of baby seals. I blagged it from my mum after she retired from being a power manager. It’s clearly very well made as it suffers much abuse and has lasted very well indeed. Want to look inside?

Short IKEA pencil with big wedge-shaped rubber on the back. Ideal for sudoku (not that I ever do them).

A borrowed laser pointer. Doesn’t work.

10 Ultra Soft white tissues from FSC Mixed Sources.

Half a packet of Wrigley’s Extra Peppermint Sugarfree Gum. Odd, since I don’t chew gum. Also, I don’t particular like sugar-free products; it’s just another term for “contains aspartame”.

A badge (not a conference badge, for once).

A Keyboard Anthology, Edited by Howard Ferguson, Book 1 (Grades 1 & 2), ASBRM. You know, for the pianoforte.

The handmade slip case for my laptop.

Pilot V5. The only writing implement I can depend on.

Pair of cheap Aiwa earphones.

A cable with a headphone jack at both ends. This cable languished in my boxes of crud for years until I unexpectedly found a good use for it. More on that in a later article perhaps.

Darwin, “Voyage of the Beagle”. One of many half-read books, but this one is the one I currently carry around.

Dog eared fag end of a pack of almost uselessly small Post-It notes. Each one covers only 6 keys on my keyboard.

A blue USB memory stick that takes an SD card. A 2GB SD card, in fact.

Some keys.

A combination 3-way USB hub and N-way card reader. With a very short USB A to mini-B cable. The hub feature is not so useful, but the card reader often gets used for reading random people’s memory cards so I can copy their photos.

A MacBook VGA monitor cable dongle thingy.

Some more keys.

Another USB memory stick. Not modular, 128 MB of soldered memory.

Charger for Canon digital camera battery.

Charger for Nintendo DS. The last two items are slightly amusing, as the neither the camera nor the DS is in the bag.

What’s in your bag? Are you going to tidy it out / stock it up for the conference season?

6 Responses to “My laptop bag”

  1. Thomas Guest Says:

    If I carry a laptop it goes in my backback, same as everything else, alongside: 2 x Tesco value puncture repair kit, tyre lever, 3 x rubber bands, 2 x tubes of toothpaste, toothbrush, Solpadeine instructions leaflet, cheque book (so that’s where it is!), 2 x printed copies of D. S. Hirschberg’s “A linear space algorithm for computing maximal common subsequences”, small strap on red LED light.

  2. Gareth Rees Says:

    In my bag I have two wrenches (one fits wheel nuts, not sure what the other is for), a set of Allen keys, some cable ties, a compact pump, two 700C inner tubes (presta valve), a patch kit, a spoke key, a chain tool, a front light (Cateye HL-EL220), a back light (Cateye TL-LD500), some spare AA and AAA batteries, a cycle computer (Cateye CC-VL500), and a waterproof jacket.

  3. drj11 Says:

    A spoke key, but no spare spokes. Hmm.

  4. Gareth Rees Says:

    Yes, it’s for emergency truing when a wheel develops a kink. (It’s been useful only once so far.) A broken spoke doesn’t need replacing at the roadside; I wait until I get home.

  5. Nick Barnes Says:

    Cambridge keys, Manchester keys, Pilot V5s (black, blue, red), pencil, a notebook or three, phone charger, laptop charger, 3 USB-to-mini-USB cables, 2 USB-to-power cables, two external hard drives, laptop, swiss army knife.

    There used to be a box of condoms in here too.

    All the bike stuff lives in my other (larger) laptop bag, which has pannier clips.

  6. Nick Barnes Says:

    Oh, and my iPod shuffle, usually.

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