When I was a young man in my first job (implementing garbage collectors for dynamic languages) we developed an informal policy of reviewing a paper a week (a paper, as in learned journal, but anything similar would be okay). It was good, I read a lot of interesting stuff, and as a result of writing something about each one, I think some of it may even have stuck.

Of course it was mostly memory management, hardware architecture, and language implementation in those days. Little has changed. My first review is Lambda: the ultimate GOTO.

Let’s hope making it public keeps me regular.

5 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. PC Says:

    One of the undergraduate classes I did made us do exactly that every week; read a paper and write a one-page essay on it. It was considered highly unusual for an engineering class to require that much writing.

  2. drj11 Says:

    It was partly reading about a very similar requirement in Cambridge’s Advanced Computer Science MPhil that prompted me to start.

  3. Nick Barnes Says:

    Will you accept suggestions for papers?

    Since I think this is a brilliant idea, should I start my own new blog for doing the same thing or should we combine our efforts?

    • drj11 Says:

      Let’s join forces! You’ll need a wordpress identity. I think. Then I can add you to the blog author’s. I think.

  4. drj11 Says:

    Please leave reading suggestions at this new place in the new blog.

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