Not in 2010


Things I predict we won’t be seeing in 2010:

  • Perl 6
  • Latex 3
  • 1:25,000 scale Ordnance Survey vector data made public
  • the hottest November
  • iTunes for Linux
  • reduce in Python 3.x
  • A Green Party MP (you know, the UK parliament, not some cheap plastic Euro knock-off)
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    2 Responses to “Not in 2010”

    1. Gareth Rees Says:

      Five out seven: not bad!

      (November 2010 was the hottest November on record, with an anomaly of +0.74 °C; also Caroline Lucas was elected Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion. Python 3 has functools.reduce, but I guess that doesn’t count.)

      • drj11 Says:

        Indeed, I have been meaning to do a followup of this post for a while. Most of the predictions were easy; Perl 6 was obviously Not Gonna Happen. So, I think hottest November and Green MP were the only ones with any real wiggle room, and I got both of those wrong!

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