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Free discourse


Inside your own head you have the freedom to think whatever you like. But we are social animals, discourse is human. We should be free to voice our thoughts to one another.


We are also tool makers. It’s natural that we extend discourse via our tools. First a slit drum, then WhatsApp. I don’t think our tools should change our expectations about discourse. I should be free to choose my conversational partners.

And by that, I mean you and I. I don’t mean, you and I, and the app maker, and the telecoms company, and the government, and the government’s international allies, and the government’s well-funded international enemies who are able to steal the backdoor key.

Discourse is part of our identity and our agency. Without free discourse our agency erodes (you can’t talk to your friends about X), when our agency erodes our identity erodes.

That’s why I support strong end-to-end encryption.

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