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Bad Style Dream


I awoke, fevered, the horrible tortured images still visible in my mind. I had seen a new world, a brave new world, almost exactly the same as the one we inhabit now, but with one crucial difference:

British road signs were rendered in MS Comic Sans …
A British Roadsign featuring Comic Sans

… the horror, the horror.

(Actually I didn’t really have this nightmare, the image popped into my head whilst I was leaving the dental hygienist, but I thought a nightmare would be more dramatic.)

Brake with your left foot


The driving manual has one recommended procedure where you should brake using your left foot:

After fording you should keep your right foot on the accelerator (to avoid stalling) and test your brakes with your left foot.

Needless to say, do this gently and after informing other people in the car that you are about to test your brakes using your left foot.