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My Battle with Metroids


«Metroid II: Return of Samus» (Game Boy): Got to final boss, haven’t killed it.

«Super Metroid» (SNES): Got to final boss, haven’t killed it.

«Metroid Prime» (GameCube): Got to final boss (*), haven’t killed it.

«Metroid Fusion» (Game Boy Advance): Got to final boss, killed it! Yay!

So, what are my chances with:

«Metroid Prime Hunters» (DS)


(*) I have a sneaking suspicion that the “final boss” I am currently fighting in Metroid Prime may not in fact be the final boss. How can I tell?

Xbox sales


Microsoft: “About 75% of all console sales have been made below [USD 200]”

Another way of saying that is: “In the future we expect to sell no more than 3 times what we already have”.