4 Responses to “How Curly Logo decides on arity”

  1. glorkspangle Says:

    I guess this syntactic feature rules out any first-class functions in Logo (otherwise prod minus 10 5 would attempt to multiply minus by 10 before encountering the 5).

  2. drj11 Says:

    Yes. And it strikes me as a potentially fatal flaw in the language.

    Of course they get in through the backdoor of quoting:

    erase “foo

    erases the procedure named foo, and

    repeat 4 [ fd 50 rt 90 ]

    passes the quote listed [fd 50 rt 90] to repeat which more or less treats it as a lambda. Kinda.

    None of this makes the language friendly to a compiler.

  3. how come this post is not tagged “curly logo”

  4. drj11 Says:

    Umm, mistake? I’ve filed it under Curly Logo as well now, but it’s not like I pretend to have a consistent policy or anything.

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