Xbox sales


Microsoft: “About 75% of all console sales have been made below [USD 200]”

Another way of saying that is: “In the future we expect to sell no more than 3 times what we already have”.

5 Responses to “Xbox sales”

  1. You deleted so much context that I couldn’t for the life of me see the connection between those two sentences, but a google search turned up the missing link.

    Is three times existing sales meagre, considering what they’ve already sold and how old the platform is? I’ve no idea what these figures are, just a general sense that it’s not exactly new and quite a few people have them.

  2. Nick Barnes Says:


  3. drj11 Says:

    So Microsoft have recently slashed the price of the Xbox 360 Arcade to USD 199, a historically and psychology important price point. We all know this is because they can’t shift them, but they try and put a positive spin on it by claiming that historically “about 75% of all console sales have been made below [USD 200]“. I was just pointing out that we now know how many more consoles Microsoft intend to sell. Or we would if they reported end-user sales, not channel movements.

    Apologies to anyone who had to do homework.

    I don’t know if three times existing sales is meagre to be honest, it just seems a little bit early for the price drop.

  4. Gareth Rees Says:

    I think that a wider range of games would have been a better investment.

  5. mathew Says:

    I think it’s exactly the right time for a price drop, as (August aside, and that month only just) the PS3 had overtaken the Xbox 360 in console sales in the US, and they were in danger of dropping to 4th place (after the PS2!)

    A wider selection of games would have been a better investment, but also one they would have had to make a while back to be bearing fruit now.

    Another wiser investment, of course, would have been to have the ASICs designed by people with experience.

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