Introduction to Functional Programming (UKUUG type)


On Wednesday at the UKUUG Spring Conference I gave a talk: «Introduction to Functional Programming in Python». This sounds suspiciously similar to my PyCon UK talk I gave last year. I had intended to only tweak the talk a bit, but in the end quite a lot of the material changed, and there’s not actually all that much overlap.

Slides (769e3 octet PDF) and notes (52e3 octet PDF).

Thanks to those that attended.

3 Responses to “Introduction to Functional Programming (UKUUG type)”

  1. Gloria N. Mueller Says:

    Hi David

    On your second slide you have “modes of operation” and then
    “obj. oriented”

    I think logical would be to list “functional” and “imperative” OR
    “obj oriented” and then “modular”(or non-obj-oriented).

    As both functioinal and imperative languages can be obj-oriented
    it seems wrong to me to make a list like you did in your slides.
    It’s like comparing apples with tomaotes – one’s a fruit and other isn’t.

    But as I don’t really know much about programming and languages I
    shouldn’t post comments on geeky blogs maybe.

  2. drj11 Says:

    It’s a fair comment. I guess the purpose of the slide is not so much to provide an ontology as just to instil the notion that there are different sorts of programming style. You’re right functional programming stands in contrast to imperative, and object oriented is the odd fruit out.

    An ontology would be fun. Logic programming, and data-driven need adding too.

  3. drj11 Says:

    Actually I’m told the tomato is a fruit.

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