Coming Soon

Things I intend to write about on my blog soon (*):

My fingerprints
A cross-language comparison of literal string syntaxes
Narrative in Lego
The magnetic superclass Java linking problem
incomplete structure types in C
Choosing starting places for 2 player simplified Settlers of Catan

If you want to vote for something or suggest something, then please add a comment. I’ll trim the comments and add links when necessary.

(*) In practice this seems to be a list of things that I think might be a good idea to write about, but which I don’t have the enthusiasm for right now.

4 Responses to “Coming Soon”

  1. rk Says:

    The Reverse Chronology sidebar is very useful, but seems incomplete (awooga!). It currently omits at least “Why electronic counting failed” to “Python: how is sys.stdout.encoding chosen?”. Perhaps more; I haven’t checked.

  2. drj11 Says:

    It is incomplete. That’s because it’s done partly by hand and partly by a script.

    I have a script which uses XML-RPC to suck data from which I then massage into some HTML for the Reverse Chronology and Alphabetic Index.

    Unfortunately I then have to paste the output of that script by hand into a Javascript widget thingy which dumps it back onto the blog.

    One of recent articles has non-ASCII characters in the title and that caused the script to crash.

  3. Derek Jones Says:

    The following provides an interesting cross language analysis of the syntax of floating-point literals:

    Click to access iso-14977-paper.pdf

    and for an analysis of the different ways of specifying a programming language see:

    Click to access langconform.pdf

    I look forward to your analysis of the varieties of string literal syntax.

  4. mjb67 Says:

    I’d love to find out what the “The magnetic superclass Java linking problem” is, but anything would do :-)

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